Is it right to say "po" and "opo" as part of your speech?

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In delivering a speech to Filipinos:

  1. Is it right to say "po" and "opo" as part of your speech?

  2. Would you consider it impolite if a speaker doesn't say/use po and opo when speaking to a number of Filipino audiences?

ETA: formal speech po. topic is about plastic waste awareness.

audience - people of the barangay, brgy officials, government, company.

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It would be best to use those polite terms. It would make the townsfolk feel you are not imposing, especially that you are introducing a new way of life.

Yes po. remember you are talking to Filipinos. Connection will be built by using po & opo. It is also not impolite naman if hindi gumamit. Mas makukuha lang attention ng audience.

Kung san ka po mas kumportable. Mararamdaman naman nila yung respect at sincerity regardless kung may po at opo sa body language mo eh.

If you are going to do thus in front of kapwa Filipinos, yes you should include "po" and "opo" in your speech.

Use it sparingly. Too much and it might sound cliche. Unless you are directly addressing someone who is obviously a lot older than you or somebody in authority.

Yes. I agree with saying the po/opo polite terms. It makes you more connected to the audience you are speaking to and mababawasan yung barrier ba na all-talk lang na walang conversation sa mga nakikinig po sa inyo.

I don't think, your topic about plastic waste awareness is related to your subject matter.

Pag nde ka sanay gumagamit ng po at opo sa speech, huwag mong ipilit kasi mararamdaman nila na nde ka naman sincere.

the target market dictates the word choice.. baka high end market tapos english gusto nila at mas direct. lol

Depende. Dapat alam mo audience mo. saka if ano gagamitin mong language.. if english ( no need to say po at opo, kahit pa mga pinoy audience yan).. if Tagalog, sabihin na natin na normal lang nakaka pag po or opo. Dapat hindi naman bawat sentence my "po".

Kong ang speech ay nasa wikang English natural po dina kelangan gamitan ng PO at OPO. At di naman ibig sabihin nun kawalan na yun ng paggalang.

Not all Filipinos are Tagalog... :) Not all Filipinos are Tagalog

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