How to improve WiFi connection?

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Hi guys, need your insights on how to improve WiFi connection. Should I...

  1. Replace the WiFi router from the ISP? (We’re with Sky, if that info helps.)
  2. Buy a wifi repeater/booster/extender/amplifier? (Any personal shop/brand recommendations?)
  3. Get one of those USB dongle with an antenna and connect to my laptop?

How to improve WiFi connection?

Thanks everyone!

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Eto gamit ko. Change settings lang into ap then connect a cable from main router to this repeater. And viola, same speed as main router and no delays.

How to improve WiFi connection?

I use Belkin booster and I use it for years already. So far so good.

Anyone using pldt with telephone and signal cable? Naka connect kasi yung landline at signal sa router, so kung magpalit ako ako ng router pano na yung landline and signal cable?

I highly suggest getting a new router. Use it as your access point and make sure to disable yung wifi sa modem/router na bigay ni provider. If you need to extend the range, use a repeater for the new router you'll get. I have an Asus router sa baba and a TPLink po for the 2nd floor. We never use the wifi sa router ni pldt. They tend to slow down after a few days of nonstop usage.

Get a better router then repeat that signal to cover the blind spots especially kung nasa 2nd/3rd floor ka

extender only EXTENDS the signal of your wifi especially those areas na hindi abot ng signal, but that wont help increasing the speed of your wifi connection kung yan po yung concern niyo..

When you say improve, are you referring to its speed or signal?

Both. It is considerably good nmn. But there are days when it fluctuates and it gets frustrating with all the missings.

I'm using sky fiber powered. I bought a router and it helps a lot. Wag ka bibili ng repeater wala naman kwenta yan kung ang issue mo is speed kahit malapit ka sa modem.

kung puro data work mo mas maganda naka wired ka,. kung gusto mo wifi na malakas,. microwave antenna ni tp-link,. 13km buong barangay nyo sama mo na.

If you just want to strengthen WiFi connection and depends on how much is your budget. You don't need to replace router. If you have enough budget, I would recommend using this instead. Price is reasonable for its features and easy to setup. I have been deploying this to all the branches of my company and there all happy about its performance.

Wifi repeater is to widen the coverage of your wifi. Kung speed need mo nasa isp mo na yan.

as much as possible, stick with a wired connection. mas solid and less issues

I would suggest check your laptop wifi kung kaya nyang sumagap ng 5ghz. If kaya naman then go for router like tenda. To eliminate dead spots.

I suggest subscribe to a better internet provider. We used to be with Sky and their services are just unreliable. We went with converge.

Buy a router instead. Wire ka na lang para mas solid ang connection.