How to apply job positions as a VA?

Apr 24 '20 KateMaine 1507 clicks ask

Hi everyone!

I'd like to ask for your advice. I'm planning to apply as a VA. The problem is i dont think I have enough skills to be a VA. Also, I'm not that articulate in english, its hard for me to speak in english and i preffered to chat with the client ( but most client prefers to call/videocall). I'm also not good at photo/video editing. Is there any other way I can work as a VA.

To be honest, because of whats happening right now, theres a possiblty that i might lose my current job so im looking for a job but im not skiller enough.

Please help me where should I apply as VA or whos your mentor and please share your trusted teachers so i can start wrking as a VA. THANKS!!!

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Hey, you could start searching for VA recruitment platforms. From there, look at what they're looking for from each applicant. You could then start searching via google or youtube for crash courses about the job descriptions.

Don't feel bad if you're starting out from zero. Everyone has to start somewhere.

Nice idea! Will check other resources. Thanks!

When you say VA, it doesnt mean you have to be exactly like this and like that. You just have to find the right job for you and when I say job, there is a ton of them. From email marketing, to lead generation to graphic designing to being a beta tester of some app etc. You just have to find the job you can surely do. You love hanging out on facebook? Try social media marketing. You like to talk and teach? Be an online tutor. Like I said there are millions of jobs out there for VA's. Ako nga bulol mag english then gusto ko purely Data Entry jobs pero nahulog ako sa Online Casino monitoring 😂😂😂 Just keep searching online and dont give up. Cheers 😂😂😂 ps. Wag ka lumabas nang bahay! 😂

Thanks for the nice words! Hopefully I can be a VA soon. Im just worried baka mahina pick up ko and since foreigner ang client maybe they are expecting high standards from me.

Your English is better than you think.

If you want, you can check out google's digital garage. I suggest taking the digital marketing and gsuite course. Both have free certificates. They also have others that are pretty useful din. You can add them in your resume too.

Improve yourself first by enrolling at any course that you are interested with here at FVA. It will be such a great help for us as newbies in this industry. ENROLL, LEARN, EARN ..

Never focus on your weak points. Asses your strong points and work from there. Build from that foundation. Realistically, nobody here knows all that we know now when we started but we do know some just like you. And knowing some is a good start to begin learning more as you go on.