Home-based appointments setters for health insurance and medicare

Jan 06 '20 Torres 2258 clicks job

Looking for HOMEBASED APPOINTMENTS SETTER for Health Insurance and Medicare


  • You will be calling HOT leads, all you have to do is book an appointment with the US leads provided.

  • We're hoping for you to get atleast 5 appointments a day.

  • We provide training and coaching to help you achieve your professional and personal goals.

  • 6usd for every appointments made, you'll be paid weekly.

What we are looking for:

  • Totally reliable and honest

  • Cold calling experience preffered

  • Ability to follow direction

  • Excellent English communication skills

  • Positive and Great Attitude is a MUST


  • Fast internet connection

  • voice recording using the script below

Hi (name of prospect), how are you today? Great.

This is (your name) and you had contacted (Agent)

on Facebook in reference to the Final Expense Benefits,

and the reason I’m calling is to verify the information that we have here.

(If VM, leave a message)

Now it says that your name is _______, Spelt _ _ _ _ _ _, is that correct?

And it says your current address is _____________. Is that correct?

Perfect. (name of prospect) I have a local Senior Benefit Coordinator in your area,

and I’m going to need him/her to stop by for a few minutes to go over the information

and see what you qualify for. We have an opening (day) between (time) and (time), how’s that with you, ok?

Great, well it’s been nice speaking with. And again, I look forward

to meeting you (day) between (time) and (time). Have a wonderful day, goodbye now!