Hiring representatives in our Warm Calling Campaign Graveyard ( ROTATION EST-PST )

Dec 23 '20 njacobson 1802 clicks job

Good Work Ethics? Responsible? Committed? and looking for a Stable Job? Then this job might be for you.. Give it a shot! During this Pandemic we would like to open more opportunity and add deserving representatives in our Warm Calling Campaign. Work Remotely: Yes Job Role: Verify, Qualify and Sign Work hours: Graveyard ( ROTATION EST-PST ) Work Duration : 5-6days/week ( RDOT and OT applies ) Rate: $3/ hour Commission: Yes on top of the basic pay - 2-$3/ sale* Payout : Weekly thru PayPal once passed 1 week evaluation with Pay. WHERE TO SEND APPLICATION?

Choose between these words and tell us why you chose it:

  • Attitude - Skills
  • Integrity - Honesty
  • Sales - Time

Open for WFH Newbies! Must NOT have an Attendance issue, should have
INTEGRITY, must be FLEXIBLE, RESOURCEFUL and RESPONSIBLE since this is a home-based job. We don't provide 1 on 1 training that's why we need a FAST LEARNER applicant.

It is a Warm Calling Campaign so it is somewhat an easy job, most leads are aware of what the call is since they applied to it , lbut earning a position might be tough if you don't have the traits mentioned above.

Good Luck!