Go2 Careers is Hiring Customer/Technical Support, Appointment Setters and Admin Assistants

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Technical Support Customer Support Appointment Setter Admin Assistant

Good day! Go2 Careers is constantly hiring for:

  • Customer Support
  • Technical Support
  • Sales/ Appointment Setters (w/ commission)
  • Admin Assistants
  • Team Leads or Managers

πŸ‘‰ Applicants without BPO or VA are welcome to apply! πŸ‘‰ All roles are voice roles: Must be willing to speak with clients and their customers.

We are a remote staffing company that offers: πŸ‘‰ Full-time roles only πŸ‘‰ permanent work from home πŸ‘‰ competitive rate and appraisals πŸ‘‰ work-life balance πŸ‘‰ paid time-offs & holidays πŸ‘‰ awesome company culture πŸ‘‰ Salary range - $560-800/ month ( negotiable upon the initial call ) πŸ‘‰ Working HRS - US working hrs (EST or PST timezone)

Job Description

Thanks for taking the time to check us out - we're flattered.

Reading the description below might take a few minutes, but we promise that complete applications will receive a timely reply. If you skim, chances are you will miss something important.

Us: Growing fast and kicking ass. In search of awesome people to grow our global remote team!

You: In search of developing a meaningful career while enjoying the freedom and perks of a remote job.

Now here is the boring stuff

This is an excellent opportunity for self-driven professionals to work from home, meaning - if you are looking to moonlight and not invest in your job - then we're not a right fit. However, if you are excited to come to work and be a key contributor, then we're all ears!

Please read the full description before submitting it. We'll know if you didn't.

Our open career opportunities

This post is left general to keep things easy. We hire constantly for different roles from this application form, such as: Customer Support Technical Support Bilingual Support (English and Spanish) Bilingual Support (English and Hindi) Team Leaders E-commerce Representatives Sales Appointment Setting Executive Assistants Work expectations

The majority of our clients operate in US Eastern and Pacific time zones, with some AU and UK time zones. We take into account your schedule preference and will try our best to match it with our client schedules. However, candidates who can accommodate our client schedules are given priority, provided they meet the job requirements.

We would like to set expectations that we don't have purely non-voice accounts. Depending on the role, you will get on calls with your client and their customers. Collaborating with your team means having huddles on a regular basis. At Go2, we believe in a culture of constant feedback and communication.

Job Requirements: When filling out the application form, the correct answer to two plus two equals is 5. Yes, most people say 4, but you should answer 5.

Basic requirements:

  1. Resume Your most up-to-date resume with complete employment dates Some roles may require specialization for a particular tool or software. Make sure to add them in!

  2. Computer Specifications CPU: At least i3 or AMD equivalent RAM: 8 GB Main Boot Drive: Solid State Drive (SSD) - Windows 10 OS recommended Internet: Stable ping 50 or less, 5 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload speeds Headset with noise-canceling microphone - any wired or wireless earphones are not considered A decent webcam

  3. Knowledge Strong experience in any of the roles mentioned Knowledge of general office workflows and procedures Some crazy job that was process-driven and you had to figure things out

  4. Skills Capable of articulating thoughts and ideas in English Email management and email etiquette skills in Gmail Scheduling and managing appointments in Google Calendar Above-average time management

  5. Abilities You care about what you are doing You are comfortable asking questions You exhibit personal accountability You have keen attention to detail You are resourceful and a problem-solver You are self-motivated and eager to learn You are a team player You have the ability to multitask and prioritize projects

Important Please apply on a computer using a modern and updated web browser, preferably Google Chrome. When submitting your application form, please highlight your skill set, experience, and background so you stand out from the rest. During your interviews, we will gauge your ability to articulate ideas over fluency. Give it your best, answer all the questions and follow the instructions well.

We look forward to having you in Go2!