Untour Food Tours Hiring Assistant City Manager

Jan 01 '22 rebecca05 2148 clicks job

Hiring - Assistant City Manager - Untour Food Tours - Shanghai

We're hiring a Part Time and Full-Time Shanghai Assistant City Manager!

UnTour Food Tours is China’s top-ranked food tour operator. We cater to tourists and expats who want to know more about authentic local foods and neighborhoods in Beijing and Shanghai.

Position Description

In addition to providing tour support to our City Manager, you will take guests on informal 3-hour walking tours showcasing the city’s most authentic foods. Guides don't have scripts to memorize; rather they should feel comfortable sharing their knowledge of the city (with plenty of training materials provided), Chinese culture, food & life in engaging, natural conversation.


Fluent Mandarin & English (other languages are a plus)
Flexible schedule; available for 4-6 tours a week
Must be passionate about food, China, and Shanghai
Has lived in China for 2+ years, and has currently lived in Shanghai for 18+ months.