PayPal to bank account transfer problem

Nov 29 '19 Shimada 2574 clicks ask

Guys, need your advice. I have been paid through PayPal but the problem is when I transferred the payment to my bank account, my bank has not received it yet. It is past the processing time. What to do? How can I talk to PayPal? Their FAQs doesn't help.

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Same here. I am experiencing the same situation now. I think PayPal is not helping. I am very disappointed and frustrated.

Usually it takes 5-7days, is it your first paypal transaction?

@ZingMelar Yes, my first. However, I have two first time transactions using different bank accounts. The other one is ok. I have received it but the other one is supposed to be in my bank acct last Tuesday. PayPal sent me an email about it.

@Shimada I don't receive any emails from PayPal.

@Shimada if it's bdo,then it may affect the length of transfers,Bpi takes 2 days (some says it take within the day)so does with Unionbank..

I guess this is the answer. It's BDO. While with Unionbank, I received it after few days. How long does it take with BDO? @Mariecris