Planning to get health insurance or HMO, are Medicard and Maxicare good?

Aug 21 '19 TineFerrer 3191 clicks ask

Hi guys, this is not related to work, but as workers, we need things like health insurance or HMO.

I've been planning to get one for myself and my other two dependents.

Medicard and Maxicare are popular companies, are they good? I mean, in terms of benefits and service.

Is there any other company that you can recommend?

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I'd recommend maxicare👍 Had it with my previous employer.

Maxicare has the best coverage compared to others.

I have FWD Set For Health, best health insurance in the country. I can help you with if you are interested. 😊😊😊

Any thoughts on Prulife UK?

@Smiles Just got it last month. I was skeptical about insurances before but since I'm a family woman, I realized I needed one. :)

Carehealth affordable and reasonably good.

Maxicare, so many affiliated clinics across the country.

Check out Prepaid HMOs.😄You have a lot to choose from, and you can choose HMO which would suit your budget and your needs.