Does anyone have any recommendations in making the short video asked by employers?

Feb 13 '20 Joyo 1919 clicks ask

Hi guys! I am looking for a home-based job but I noticed that most of the employers are asking for a "short video"? And I don't have a videocam, I only have an android phone.

Pls enlighten me on this, does anyone have any recommendations in making the video? I am currently employed in a BPO company. I hope someone will answer. Thanks in advance. 😊

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A video from your phone can be uploaded naman as needed sa email, you can edit it also depending on the requirement ng client. Save Video From Phone > Upload to PC > Edit as necessary > Send to client

You can record using your phone and upload it YouTube or PC however the client prefers.

If you're looking to work from home, a webcam is an investment. You should buy one.

Maximize your resources. Use your phone.