Do you charge your client for a commission for every sale you make from your email campaigns?

Nov 21 '20 phoebe61 1704 clicks ask
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Hi! For email marketers here, do you charge your client for a commission for every sale you make from your email campaigns? I am doing SMM, Email marketing, basic design, and blogging for my client and my rate is only $ 4 / hr. Then I noticed that the sales of his store are mostly mainly from my efforts. Our initial agreement is that I will only do email marketing, until he also asked for SMM and blogging. He has a sale rep but it seems he is not doing anything. I want to ask for a raise hopefully but the funds can't afford it... How would you approach him for a raise?

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Is there a limit to your working hours? Can you go 10 hrs a day without a time tracker?

You can say this: I noticed there are additional tasks you're assigning me that are not part of our initial agreement. For tasks that are out of my scope of support, I charge an extra/separate fee which is xxx. (Just customize it to sound polite) If ayaw magbayad ng extra, let your client know na you can't continue doing those extra tasks anymore.

Leave and find a new client..find first a better client of course before leaving..sayang laway sa mga taong ndi nakikita ang value mo..

Me, I just explained that because of his additional tasks and pandemic, I deserve to have a raise. I was just almost 2 months ago but I was given a chance. Pray with him first so that the Lord will touch him 🙂

Resign.. Naka dalawang raise na ako sa Client ko dahil sa pag vevent out. Gumana naman. Depende siguro sa client yan.

Panong di kaya ung funds eh kumikita naman ung biz nya pla.

Tell the owner ur tasks and what has been accomplished becoz of dat. also consider how long uve been working for him. kun 3-6 mos p lng, keep provin ur worth.

Do you have a contract? Use it to remind your client. Also, $4 is too low especially for email marketing kasi that's where conversions happen. A good email copywriting can lead to increase of their overall sales and revenue. Tapos aside from email marketing you have other tasks pa? Raise your concerns politely with your client. Know your worth and what you deserve 🙂

Talk about your tasks, perhaps? Hehe not sure eh. You may also remind him of what you initially agreed upon. Sabihin mo email marketing lang talaga yung napag-usapan niyong magiging task mo and that other tasks outside your scope come with a different price. It would help if you have a contract din po because you could refer to that.

Enumerate mo lahat ng value na binibigay mo sa kanya then ask for a raise. Email copywriter and content writer din ako but my client is paying me 6 digits per month. Trust me, you deserve more than $4.