Do clients give COEs when technically you are a self-employed freelancer?

Jan 05 '20 Cardenas 10030 clicks ask

Do clients give COEs when technically you are a self-employed freelancer?

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Some clients do.

Some will do. Got my COE from one of my clients. Ngexplain lng ako that i need it for going out of the country reqs.

you can politely ask it from the client if you need one. sabihin mo lang ano purpose mo for coe.

There is a difference between freelancers, full timers/ part timers.

For full timers/part timers, they can request it to their respective clients as they are seen as "employees".

But for freelancers (especially project based ones), you cannot get COEs. But you can show your earning transactios like in PP/ Bank transactions. Just mark yourself as a freelancer.

Pde siguro hingi ka recommendation letter? For formality purposes. Para lang malaman na maaus ka nag work sa dati mong project or company. Make sense ba? Hehe

Yes, but it will say "contractual agreement" instead of employed.

Pag full-time or long-term yun job mo with client. :) Last time I needed one, ako yung gumawa, pinadala ko sa client ko at pinapirmahan ko sa kanya tapos binalik niya sakin. Hehehe. Alam ko kasing busy siya at hindi niya gagawin yan so niready ko na. :)

I once needed it for bank loan. I asked my long term client if he can provide me one and he said yes. Ako na gumawa ng draft tapos pinapirmahan ko na lang sa kanya. I suggest you ask politely and give your reason as to why you need one. For sure he/she will provide you with it.

We have ours, I asked for my boss coz I need it for bank purposes. And my partner created one in canva and my boss just signed it. :)