Could someone help me troubleshoot my audio quality over Skype?

Feb 21 '20 Oriel 2582 clicks ask

Hi mga ka-off! I hope someone could help me troubleshoot my audio quality over skype.

Speedest result: ping: 7ms, dl speed: 10.46 mbps, up speed: 41.19 mbps.. Internet thru LAN. Headset: Logitech H111 with audio splitter to connect sa laptop thru separate audio and mic ports (laptop detects it as realtek audio not logitech)

Done echo test in skype...medyo ok nmn...

Sa test call ko kasi kanina for esl sna, poor daw sound quality on my end, but on her first call, di ko sya madinig...tried echo test again and ok ang audio ko...I believe updated nmn skype version ko ksi kadadownload ko lang a few weeks ago.

Do I need to change my headset or hindi maganda connection ko? Pls help...

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try mo tawagan mga friends mo if okey ba or hindi.

I've had a similar problem before but I'm still trying to remember how I fixed it. However, I know you should try to talk to Skype representative first. Let them access your laptop/pc to detect the problem. There is something about the audio or video driver of the computer. I also had to use a different skype app but I don't know which one fixed the problem. All of the troubleshooting were done by Skype's agent.

Great advice, will try this! Thanks.

the soundcard is realtek. it will not detect logitech unless you're using usb headset. have you tried usb headset? have you tried recording/listening thru your headset? is it all good?

@Geravela Tried recording thru echo test call in sounded better thru my mobile phone though...I'll try the advise of other off members...i'm considering replacing my headset...thanks for your input

hello! try nyo po iadjust sa hd/audio manager. then pagtest call uli, tap 3 times ung mic. kung may narinig kau it means ok na ung audio

@Amsobrado thanks po.