Bent Piton Hiring Virtual Assistant for Print On Demand Company

Nov 03 '20 carlotta38 2020 clicks job

WORK REMOTELY: Yes JOB ROLE: Virtual Assistant for Print On Demand Company COMPANY: Bent Piton WORK HOURS AND SCHEDULE: Flexible hours WORK DURATION: Long term RATE/SALARY RANGE: $4-$6/hour (negotiable) COMMISSION BASED?: No

DESCRIPTION / INFORMATION: We're looking for a long-term partnership with a virtual assistant that can grow with our company and help with a few tasks related to the Print on Demand industry and Merch by Amazon.

Position will be part-time to start, with the ability to move to full-time with additional responsibilities and merit increases available.

Payroll is paid weekly with pay based on experience and responsibilities. Primary tasks will include • Data entry for the exact text that appears on a design • U.S. Trademark and copyright research and checking for designs • Duplicating records and removing duplicate files to preparing them for upload in Airtable

Additional tasks available based on experience: • Product keyword research • Product description writing for Merch by Amazon and other POD platforms