Be careful! Goldcup Property LLC is not paying its employee!!

Apr 08 '20 amori 2386 clicks review

Company name is Goldcup Property LLC based in the UK but US market. The guy works for Goldcup Communications Limited UK. We also tried to look for anyone who was connected to it and we did, problem is if they could do more.

I was supposed to get paid but all of a sudden suddenly made an excuse with the current world situation that he was sick and then the next day I lost access to my CRM and emails then I tried asking my relatives in that country to call his number, he answered but then when I mentioned my name, he suddenly dropped. I'm not sure what to do but it's really unfair in my part since I did my job.

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There should be a Wall of Shame for such an employer.

Ingat po, marami mandurugas mga UK kasi di naman talaga mostly dun eh nationals, yong iba eh ginamit lng din UK pero baka Romanian, Poland oder Russian or Indian 😂 kaya maige alamin nyo talaga tax number at resident id.

Legit turn to scam.

oo. nung una nagbabayad pa pero nung huli hindi na. di na nagrereply sa paniningil ko. hinayaan ko nalang. di nya naman ikayayaman yun.