Atomatic is looking for a Business Management - Virtual Assistant

Nov 19 '20 king_reagan 3508 clicks job
Atomatic Business Management Virtual Assistant


Atomatic is looking for a Business Management - Virtual Assistant with a monthly rate of SGD 730, having roles and responsibilities not limited to the following: ROLES: -The business manager farming VA is dedicated to creating new Facebook profiles, pages, business managers, and ad accounts. The BM-VA is expected to work with the following teams: • System Architect (SA) - Create a process or workflow while testing the variables. • Atomatic Business Managers (ABM) - Communicate and understand the root cause of the disablement of the client’s business managers and ad accounts.

RESPONSIBILITIES: -The virtual assistant expected to create new accounts under different environments as stated in the new Facebook profile creation business manager creation. • Follow the recommended SOPs so that each new account is properly warmed up on each stage. • Create Facebook pages for successful FB profiles and run FB page post boosting. • Set up a business manager account after successfully setting up FB pages and set up ad accounts in BMs. • Run an engagement campaign to test the newly created Ad Accounts.

RESULTS: -The warming process is a trial and error so it is expected that there are new accounts that will be disabled at the early or late stage of the process. The VA is expected to: • Reports and documentation of the observations and opportunities to improve and shorten the profile warming process. • Successfully warmed accounts (Profiles, BMs and Ad Accounts) that will be endorsed to the person-in-charge.

REQUIREMENTS: -We are looking for individuals who have critical thinking ability and good at communicating with stakeholders. Preference is given to those who: • Have at least 6 months of experience with social media management • Were able to run Facebook Ad campaigns in the ad accounts • Understands Facebook ad metrics. • Comfortable with research and going the extra miles. • Goal and results-oriented. • Team player and highly organized.


  • Main PC: Windows 7 and up OS
  • Backup Laptop: Windows 7 and up OS
  • Minimum of 4GB RAM or higher
  • Minimum processor: i3 or higher
  • Stable high-speed internet LAN connection (at least 10Mbps)
  • Backup pocket wifi: at least 5mbps
  • Noise-reducing headset
  • Good camera (not pixelated)
  • Stable power supply in your area