Apply for VA University and become a trained Amazon VA

May 21 '20 lydiea 2197 clicks job

Looking for ways to earn while staying at home?

VA University's got you covered!

Apply now and become a trained Amazon VA for free! What's more, we will endorse you to a waiting client soon as you're done with training! Sound's great, eh?

Come join us as we ramp up for the 2nd quarter of 2020!

No experience necessary. Minimum Requirements: Working computer (preferably minimum 4GB RAM, i5 Intel Core Processor) Fast, Stable Internet (at least 5mbps) and a back-up internet (optional) Advanced English (conversational and writing skills) Internet/Web savvy Hard worker and detail-oriented College Graduate (preferred)

Previous applicants who were not interviewed may opt to reapply.

NOTE: Qualified applicants will receive an invitation for a final interview.