Anyone here can give me an advice or recommendations?

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Hi! Anyone here can give me an advice or recommendation? Okay na kaya tong desktop specs? I am working more on browsers, so if I'll buy this unit, will add additional RAM and upgrade ssd. I usually use 5-8 tabs kasi. 😁 I'll be glad to hear your suggestions. Will use this as backup apart from my laptop. Thank you! ❤️

Anyone here can give me an advice or recommendations?

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Walang bang package ba AMD cpu socket AM4 para widely available Yung parts and easy upgrade.

That CPU is the last release of that generation of CPU.

You will eventually run into upgrade and repair problems with that bundle.

Go for ryzen series. Add ram then SSD or custom build na

No.. don't get intel or amd. Better i3 i5 ryzen3 ryzen5

Intel i series dpt and at least 8 gb ram para mabilis

mag ryzen 3 k n lang po ng processor tsaka po ung board mo po palitan mo ng a320 or b450 para po mas ok ang performance. pwde pa rin pong iupgrade😊

Fm2 pa socket nyan motherboard hirap na mag upgrade, am4 na socket lang para ryzen kahit start ka lang pinaka mababang ryzen then ang SSD or combo SSD for OS and impt orograms with HDD for files, ssd fast boot up and launch, then dual channel ram 8gb ram.

Got this for 17k monitors not included. mid gaming na sya kahit 20 tabs kaya. ;) i bought the parts lang and built thru youtube’s help

Nope. Fm2 too old

Maraming salamat po sa mga suggestions and recommendations!🙂❤️❤️