Any recommendations for the best noise cancelling headsets please?

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Noise Cancelling

Hi! Any recommendations for the best noise cancelling headsets please? I'm using plantronics 628 but my customers can still hear the roosters. 😭 Or any idea what to do to eliminate background noises? Like app or sumthin?

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Make a lot of adobo. I can come help you eat it. 😉 we have this problem as well and there won’t be anything you can do that will eliminate the sound completely unless you relocate.

KRISP can help you.

Jabra is way better.

Krisp premium might be of help!

Jabra evolve series

Try Jabra UC Voice. Then set your mic setting in your computer to 1 only. 🐔🐕📺, wala yan lahat. Been using it for a year now.

I use an electric fan to muffle the noise. It doesn't eliminate the noise totally but it helps... I have the Plantronics 628 as well.

It depends on how many chickens are nearby.

Use a headset with a noise cancellation mic. usually the ones for gaming. you can search for it. not noise cancellation headset but noise cancellation mic. hope this helps. or use krisp, but it does not eliminate all noise.

I have jabra headset for sale if you're interested.

krisp or else krispy chicken fillet, lol

It's because of the frequencies that headsets are highly accepting.

Try noise gator and krisp alam ko kase one month free trial lang while noise gator is absolutely free.

I'm using Krisp app. Very effective nawawala tlga yung background noises. Kahit magsabay pa yung 🐕 at 🐓 🤣

Jabra Evolve 75

I recommend ROG STRIX GO 2.4 best noise cancelling feature.

Go for apps instead of hardware. Krisp is nice choice.

Krisp app or buy plantronics c3220/c3225 kahit siren ng ambulance at tilahok ng manok hindi dinig. Kasi yan ang gamit ko.

Check out the brand Jabra. May test sila na may helicopters overhead and wala talaga noise na naririnig. It’s quite pricey tho, pero worth it naman 😊