Let's Go 5-3rd edition, what's the answer for #4?

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Hello! Any help is ok. What do you think is the answer for #4? Do people use steam locomotives today?

Material: Let's Go 5-3rd Edition WORKBOOK, page 15 Let's Go 5-3rd edition

Many thanks!

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Based on the reading the answer is the last sentence. No, people don't use steam locomotives today.

Your answer will not be based on your own opinion or research or something but will be based on the reading.

İf u were in a test or an interview you could say -they-, but if u are having chat you could say we.if i were to be the teacher I would take we as a correct answer and explain the other option.😄😄

For me both answer is just fine since the sentencs is gramatically correct.

I think number 4 is a comprehension question so the answer should be based on the reading.. not opinionated question...😂😂

My answer to that is "No, they don't."