$20/hour, Looking for a VA to assist me in my social media management

Aug 21 '19 Tarri 3340 clicks job

I’m looking for a VA who can assist me in my other VA work, specifically social media management.

Incomplete proposals are an automatic decline.

Here’s my sample scenario:

I’m a dentist looking to start selling products via IG. I have over 30k followers but I need to grow my following and my engagement. So far, my posts on IG include photos of myself and other random photos of my work. My hashtags are so-so, which means I include about 5-7 hashtags.

Please send in a proposal as to how you can help me grow my business on SM, how much time per week, your rate per hour, or retainer rate, what is a reasonable following growth and what you will do during the hour.

I had a mentor once who took a chance on me and helped me grow. I would like to give back to my fellow pinay.

In your proposal, please include a short About Me page that tells me who you are, your interests, and what/how you really want your everyday to look like.

I’ve read the proposals sent via email. And though I appreciate the enthusiasm, I’ve yet to read anything that included:

How much time (how many hours) per week, your desired rate, and what you can do (amount of growth, and other strategies) per week?

I’m really hoping to find someone who can jump on board immediately because I’m fairly busy and need someone to start.