How do you receive your payments from Chipan?

Dec 01 '19 Maido 4111 clicks ask

Anyone working for Chipan's group? How do you receive your payments? I get mine through Paypal and and have it transferred through Gcash.

My friend's Gcash hasn't been working for more than a month already so I have it encashed through her friend just for me to receive the money right away but spending 30 dollars per week for the whole transaction is really huge for me.

Any alternatives or suggestions?

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You can easily transfer PayPal funds to Paymaya.

Almost instantly. However, you need to have a verified account and a card, so you can withdraw your money.

AUB PAYMATE is way better ❤️

Ask your handler of she accepts AUB PAYMATE. My handler does. So it's better. 😊

Unionbank works well too

Apply for AUB Paymate account. It is way better than other options. Only has 2% transaction fee.

AUB is what we use. Hassle free

I use eon card for paypal. P50 for withdrawala less than 7k. And free if it's 7k and up. $30/transaction is a nono. Set your paypal right.

My Gcash is not working as well, what I do with my money on Paypal is transferred it to my linked bank accounts (BDO / Metrobank). There's no fee anyway, as long you withdraw not less than 7k, and the money will be available in your bank account after a day.

Why not set up your own gcash account.