What's the difference between graphic artist and graphic designer?

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Graphic Artist vs Graphic Designer: In your own words, what's the difference?

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A person can be both, or only either of the two.

Graphic Artists make artworks/illustrations/drawings and this can be an inborn talent, while Graphic Designers focus on how to make the design "work". They make everything look coordinated and suitable for the intended purpose. They focus on how to make the target audience interact with the content. You can naturally have an eye for design pero pinapag-aralan parin talaga cause of softwares and such.

Artist are to be directed by design - they are instructed with sets of items to designs

Designers are to create by their design - that's why they design.

Designers can be artist, but an artist take time to become a designer.

It would be better if you have these two abilities.

Graphic artist is only focusing in creating several artworks,printed materials and others mostly not train in fine arts.

There are graphic artist and graphic designers that are not that artistic and talented... So whatever you called them... Talent is the most important.

@Honeybee Agreed! It takes talent to become one. Sometimes grit, because if you really like what you're doing, and you keep at it, you eventually become one.