$5/hr - GoodUnited Hiring Virtual Assistant with Experience Managing Social Media

Jun 23 '22 robel_sallie 1777 clicks job
Virtual Assistant Social Media

Work Remotely? [Yes/No]: Yes Job Role: Virtual Assistant Company: GoodUnited Work Hours and Schedule: EST Rate or Salary range: $5/hr Commission Based only? [Yes/No]: No

Description/Information: Impeccable English - written and verbal communication. Keen to details. You will be managing sensitive data, and 100% accuracy is expected from you. Experience managing social media on Facebook. Be able to undertake multiple tasks with minimal supervision. Have a sound knowledge of all social media platforms and how to use them productively. Possess a warm personality and be comfortable communicating with clients regarding their experiences. Be a collaborative team player who answers to and helps to meet the client and team's needs. Facebook advertising experience and basic photo editing skills are a plus. Other tools that we are using are Manychat, Airtable, and Metabase.