Constantly seeking for full-time / part-time / summer online English teachers

Aug 13 '19 KateMojica 2495 clicks job

We are constantly hiring qualified English teachers!!! Parents seeking for full time/part time/summer online English teachers for our kids in China.

Rate is $5.5 per 50 min. We pay directly via Paypal to the teacher (pls note that Paypal has close to 5% deduction as transaction fee before you can withdraw money).

> Interested teacher(s) should send your CV along with a short video/audio clip either record real class or just your personal statement. Pls submit all file as attachments (no links/download pls, I can't access some of the links/download sites).

Pls send application materials as required and pls note that just a resume is not enough. In-completed applications/inquire will not be reviewed nor replied due to the amount of email I received. However, all completed file will be reviewed immediately. We will notify the candidate if one is hired. So far less than 10% are accepted because we can't take just anyone or everyone. Usually if you don't hear from us in a week that means you are not hired.


  1. Are you still hiring? Yes, we are always hiring as more parents come join us. So no matter you want fulltime or parttime or weekend job or evening job, pls apply.

  2. Do you have a booking system? No, we don't but I believe our system is better because all competent teachers get their hours full and with fixed students. As a teacher you only need to record/count # of classes you have taught and will get paid for every 30 classes or weekly based on that.

  3. Do you have mimimum hours? No, you see we are not a business, just a few parents seeking for competent teachers to teach our own kids. If you are a good teacher, you don't need to worry about your minimum hours, because whatever hours you are available it will be filled. Our standard is high so that if you are hired chances are that the parents will be happy to retain you and your hours will be 100% filled whether you are parttime or fulltime. Parents actually prefer full time teachers and in order to do so they are willing to find new students for you to fill up your schedule. For good teachers there are always plenty of students and their younger brothers and sisters and cousins and friends who are waiting in a que to be taught by you for the years to come.

  4. How do you pay? We pay via Paypal. I know Paypal sucks when you first establish an account to receive money. But that is the only efficient mean that is available to the parents. So pls no Western Union or others until they are proved user friendly to us the parents. In the long run, believe me, you wiill need a Paypal account that works for you. The rate is $5.5 per 50 minutes and that $0.5 is for Paypal transaction fees. Other than that there will be no hidden fees to either you or the parents. Usually this is not negotiable because we want all our teachers receive the same pay.

  5. Are you accepting agents/online schools? No.

  6. Can I ask for higher rate because I am really strong? No.

  7. What about your leave policy? Can I take time off? We dont have official leave policy and you certainly can take time off. However as courtecy pls inform parents in advance. You will loss students if no show or just cancel class 5 minutes before the class. Also kids get sick from time to time. So you should let kids take leave with advance notice. There are teachers make their own policy of charge parents for whatever leave. End result is she lost students from a full schedule. Nobody likes any kind of penalty. I saw teacher get fired by parents because of argument on leave. So pls be reasonable.