Hiring Web Developer, $6-$8/hr, 30-40 hrs/week

Aug 07 '19 LaylaFleur 3443 clicks job


Position: Web Developer Location of work: Home-based Rate: $6-8/hr Name of company: Will be disclosed prior to a contract offer Shift: 30-40 hrs/week, 6-8 hours between 0600-1600 EDT (weekdays only)
Target Start Date: Aug 19 - 23

📌Job Requirements: • Knowledge in HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, and jQuery • Experience in setting up HTML-PHP/Wordpress Sites via FTP • Available to work between 6-8 hours between 0600-1600 EST (weekdays only, and a regular shift will be discussed with the team) • Must have MS Tools installed in PC/laptop. • Must have access to a dependable internet connection. • Work full time during the assigned shift without schedule conflicts (e.g., no other work commitments, personal tasks, commuting)
• Successfully complete a screening test (not a trial task) and an interview • Willing to work via Upwork

📎Notes: ✔️ If you don't have an active Upwork account (e.g., no Upwork account, suspended Upwork account, Upwork account not approved), then read about Upwork's Bring Your Own Freelancer option. We will still consider your application. But take note that you will still be hired via Upwork. ✔️View the Upwork Job Ad to learn more (does not require an Upwork account): https://www.upwork.com/jobs/~01d7f60341d6df1491