Hiring Compliance Manager / Customer Satisfaction Specialist / Amazon Store Supervisor

Aug 20 '19 Klaurence 2196 clicks job

Our company under the names Supplement Planet and Amazon World Trading located in Miami, Florida is still looking for the following:

  1. Compliance Manager > Must be a team leader, has a keen attention to details. Experience in e-commerce is a MUST. Rate US$5-6 per hour negotiable depending on skills and experience. Work hours: 21:00 to 24:00 PHT.

  2. Customer Satisfaction Specialist > Must have good people skills, excellent English communication skills, can think critically. Experience is a MUST. Rate: US$ 3-5 per hour 20-40 hours a week. (Flexible but needs to be online at EST for some hours)

  3. Amazon Store Supervisor > Knows Seller Central really well, listing optimization, PPCs... > Experience handling Seller Accounts is a MUST. US$4-5 per hour 40 hours a week. (Flexible but needs to be online at EST for some hours)

And many more positions...

MUST: Good internet connection at least 5mpbs. PC: i3 or higher, 4gb RAM or higher Zoom account

Perks: On time pay. Long term job. Salary appraisal/increase every time the goal is reached. Non-toxic working environment. Flexible working schedule. Work from home in your PJs and fluffy slippers.

All rates are negotiable given that you are capable of coming up with the desired results.

Pay is weekly via PayPal.

These positions are open to everyone so long they meet the abovementioned requirements.