I run a small business specializing in Amazon/Ebay sales

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Hi everyone, I run a small business here in the United States primarily specializing in Amazon/Ebay sales, but planning to expand into more avenues of eCommerce in the future. I am looking for a long term, starting part time, but may eventually be full time, assistant.

I do not have a primary task for said assistant. The job may include product sourcing, excel/google sheets management, lead generation from manufacturers/distributors, order placement, listing optimization, advertising. Experience in this industry is preferred, but not necessary. While you are working, you will be on call with me for the duration of your work hours. I will allocate tasks live, and guide you along with what I need done. (Unfortunately my other VAs don't have the luxury of a quiet place, so they can not handle some of the more advanced tasks that needs training time or too many mistakes are made.)

Work time: 8PM-12AM or 6AM-12PM Manila time

You will be able to choose hours in between these times.


  • Must have excellent grammar in English

  • Must be very fluent in English

  • Must have a dedicated mic/headset (No Background noise, quiet working environment)

  • Must be able to learn quickly, have attention to detail, and work with little mistakes

  • Must be able to LEARN and be passionate about the job process. (This is so I don't have to teach every detail, if you understand what this business is you will be able to fly through projects with ease sometimes without training. This may lead to things you are passionate about that can help the business grow. Web development, coding, graphic design, etc. I have the resources, but you have to prove yourself to be dedicated.

  • Be able to communicate and manage other VA's

  • Good communications to fix problems before they occur

Hourly wage will be based on experience. Expect anywhere from $3-6 starting.

Please leave comments below with your contact information and why you think you would be a good fit for this job and what you are passionate about.

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Hi! Im interrested about this job. You can contact me through skype, here is my skype id live:.cid.4f217921dd8bc506, or email me irishjoy.pf@gmail.com

I think I would fit for this job, I may not have an experience about this job but I'm a very hardworking person, and I'm a fast learner. I also had my training as Virtual Assistant before for Digital Marketing for 1 month and a service crew at a restaurant for almost 9 months. I really love serving, talking, and helping people.

Hoping that I could get this chance workiing with you. Thank you.

Best regards, Irish Joy Flores


My name is Hazel and I am based in Phillipines. During my career, I have worked as a customer support associate across domains like data centers and office supplies and I am looking forward to new challenges.

Skype id: live:.cid.229a3dbbf39e54e Email address: kimsiwakiza@gmail.com